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About Us

About Us

About Frond Plant Shop

A frond is a leaf of a palm, fern or similar plant, usually with many divisions. This word not only identifies our selection, but it embodies the passion for which our shop exists. Our place is a sanctuary for creative expression and an outlet to express our love of design and plants. We curate a unique selection of plants and decor to inspire people of all styles and enhance their green space.
We carry unique and rare houseplants as well as a wide variety of in trend planters and decor items to compliment our plants. The shop allows our customers to envision their own indoor jungle and personalized paradise.

About Sara Cecilia Garza- Barnes

Sara Cecilia Garza-Barnes is the founder and owner of Frond plant shop located in Austin, Texas. I Grew up in the Texas hill country. My dad is an amazing artist and my mom is a talented designer and Plant lady. So I inherited passions for each of these things.

Plants have a big influence on my charcoal drawings and design style in general. It’s hard to list my hobbies because I have so many interests. That’s what made it so hard to decide what I wanted to “do”. Grateful to have my shop that allows me to be creative everyday, whether I’m drawing, planting, or redesigning the shelves.

Our Mission

Frond instills within our customers the ability to see their own indoor jungle where there are no limits on the type or variety of plant life. Exercise creativity in its purest form.

Contact information

(512) 755- 2866
507-A West Mary Street Austin, TX 78704

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