Our Story

My name is Sara and simply put, plants make me really happy. Everything I know about them comes from getting my hands dirty and lots of trial and error. My background is in design and I come from a very artistic family. Growing up in that type of environment fed my interest in doing something creative but also working for myself. I always pictured myself in a shop, though, where I could share my love of home design and where the plants stemmed from my own style.

That's where the idea for Frond was born. A sanctuary for creative expression and an outlet to share our love of design and plants.

My husband, Matt, is a true entrepreneur and supporter of my dreams. You’ll find him at the shop wrangling plants, organizing a photo shoot, or lending an extra hand whenever it’s needed. Really though, he’s a huge part of making sure the shop stays alive and facilitates my ability to stay creative and inspired.

We hope to see you soon!