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Good Dirt Plant Food - 15oz


Versatile – can be used with any plant, indoors and out.

Valuable. Concentrated formula is easy to mix and goes a long way. 

Sustainable. Contains oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition which contains “Boost Molecules” (amino acids) known to improve overall plant health! Not only feeds the plant, but feeds the living beneficial micro-organisms in the soil to keep that “living soil” living!

Pathogen-free – heavy metals free. 

What’s inside:

The oilseed extract contained in Good Dirt Naturals Plant Food contains N-P-K, trace elements, and 20 naturally occurring amino acids. The requirement of amino acids in essential quantities is well known as a means to increase yield/blooms and overall crop quality.

Although Good Dirt Plant Food is 10% nitrogen, it is twice the weight. Therefore one container of Good Dirt Naturals Plant Food will yield the same amount of nitrogen when compared to one bag of water-soluble 20% nitrogen fertilizer.

10-4-3 Forumla.


Indoor: Mix 1 capful or 1 teaspoon of Plant Food into 1 gallon of water.


Good Dirt



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